Extreme tattoo aficionados discuss their most painful tattoos, which range from their faces to their penises

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An inked man who calls himself the “skeleton” doesn’t always get a positive reaction to his jaw-dropping body art. When he got a face tattoo in the past, his own mum struggled to recognise him

A man tattooed 75% of his body after finding out he “likes the pain” of getting them done.

The Mexican YouTube star goes by the name El Calaca, which translates as “skeleton”.

He said: “I got into all of this when my uncle died, who was a tattoo artist and I liked that, so I got my first tattoo and I liked the pain. I really, really liked the pain.”

The vlogger, whose real name is Ricardo, admitted to not knowing the exact number of tattoos that he has because he “lost count”.

But he claims to “have 75% of (his) body tattooed” – including his eyeballs.

While Ricardo is pleased with his alternative look, his mum hasn’t always reacted to his body art as positively.

The YouTuber got black ink injected into his eyeballs (Image: Newsflash)

Ricardo said his mum had to see a psychologist after seeing his first face tattoo.

She also didn’t recognise her own son after he got his eyes tattooed, which involved getting ink injected into his eyeballs six times.

Ricardo admitted: “The first day I got home, my mum told me I was not her son.

“She is not one to put up pictures around the house and that day she put one up of me without the face tattoo.

“From there I realised she needed a psychologist.”

After weeks of struggling to come to terms with the tattoos, the mum got on board with them.

Ricardo explained: “She took three or four months before she understood I am her son. After that, she got on board and encouraged me.”

His girlfriend is equally supportive too, with the tattoo addict explaining “(she) knew me before got the tattoos”.

The YouTuber added: “she even says I look more handsome”.

Ricardo can be judged by people on the street (Image: Newsflash)

He’s also struggled to get a job in the past (Image: Newsflash)

The reaction Ricardo gets from strangers isn’t always as positive.

He has been denied service at restaurants and is “stopped by police seven or eight times per week”.

And due to all of his body modifications, he says “it is really hard to find a job”.

Despite this, Ricardo plans to keep tattooing his body.

He’s able to find roles as an actor and as a tattoo artist – and is pleased that some are able to see past his alternative looks.

Others are less daunted by Ricardo’s extreme look (Image: Newsflash)

People’s perceptions change when they get to know the YouTuber.

He explained: “you get used to it… I have art on my skin, that is all.”

Ricardo added: “Kids ask me for pictures, smile with me and play.

“They are not scared of all this, it is something new for them.

“It is very nice to feel that.”